New book “History’s Most Insane Rulers” has launched!

March 29, 2013


Does it pay to be crazy? Based on the longevity of the reigns of history’s craziest rulers, the answer appears to be ‘yes.’

Whether it is Ottoman Sultan Ibrahim I practicing archery on palace servants and sending out his advisers to find the fattest woman in the empire for his wife or Turkmenistan President Turkmenbashi renaming the days of the week after himself and constructing an 80-foot golden statue that revolves to face the sun, crazed leaders have plagued society for millenia, and they don’t appear to be going away.

My book is now available on Kindle and paperback, both in Amazon. Hope you enjoy!

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Michael writes history books on dictators, the Middle East, and insane rulers, not necessarily in that order. He lives somewhere between Europe and Asia (literally)

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