Pre-Order ‘How Iowa Conquered the World’ for $0.99, get $59 bonus!

November 22, 2014


My new book “How Iowa Conquered the World” is available for pre-order! It comes out December 1, but if you order it now, I’m throwing in my Udemy course “History of the Middle East: 600 A.D. to Today” absolutely free! This course contains over 10 hours of video lectures and normally retails for $59.

In “How Iowa Conquered the World”  find out how this underdog state

— Saved billions of people from starvation in the 20th century

— Created Silicon Valley in the 1960s and inspired the startup culture of egalitarianism and hoodies

— Decides who will win the presidential election every four years

— Was the multicultural center of America and hosted more utopian communes and transcendental meditation centers than any other place in the United States

— Created the General American English accent spoken by all actors and broadcasters. People the world over are learning to speak like an Iowan, even if they don’t know it.

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