About Michael

andrewjacksonMichael Rank is a doctoral candidate in Middle East history. He has studied Turkish, Arabic, Persian, and Armenian, but can still pull out a backwater Midwestern accent if need be. He has also worked as a journalist in Istanbul where he reported on religion and human rights. Among his hobbies are writing about himself in the third person.

Michael has done his best to fill in the gaps of his education left there by public schools. Upon realizing that none of the books that mattered to him were ever a part of his assigned reading in high school and college, he has taken it upon himself to read through Mortimer J. Adler’s Great Books List. Although he has made slow progress in this endeavor, he strives to never stop learning the subjects that edify the mind, are vocationally useful, or completely useless and trivial. And he supports those that desire the same. That’s why he writes the books that he does and hopes that you enjoy them.


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