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In the last three years I have written and launched 12 best-selling books. With each book I see everything in the book creation process, starting from a blank Word document and ending in the marketing launch. These steps include book writing, editing, formatting for ebook and paperback, uploading to sales sites, email marketing, book launching, and using social media. I have also commissioned translations of these books into 8 foreign languages. Ten of them are available in audiobook format.

Through this process I have learned how to create a lasting relationship between me and my readership while overcoming the challenges of today’s brutal publishing world.

I am now offering all of my writing and marketing services to you a la carte. 

  • Choose whatever service you need. Create your own package that helps you at whatever stage you are in your book creation, whether writing the first draft or preparing to market your book.
  • Retain full and complete rights to your book, along with all the royalties.
  • Affordable services. I charge less than any established publishing service and will never hit you with exorbitant fees or markups.

Find out how great it can be to get one-on-one help to bring your book to life. I will help you capture your unique and marketable message. And I will help you market it to the masses so that it gets maximum exposure.

Free 20-minute Skype Consultation

Please sign up for a free 20-minute consultation on Skype. We will talk about your background, experience, and goals. We will determine if you want to move ahead with any writing or marketing services. If you decide to do so, this free session will form the basis of your custom-made package.

Schedule a free, no-obligation 20-minute consulting session by clicking here.


Done-For-You Book Service

Writing, editing, publishing, printing, and advertising a book is hard work. That’s why we do it for you. We will finish the entire process of producing a quality book with our Done-For-You Book Service.

The process of creating your custom book with our Premium Done-For-You book system begins with a 90-minute interview…and ends with:

1. A book listing in the Amazon marketplace from which you can generate royalties from book sales. See example here.

2. A copy of the physical book delivered to your home or office, and the ability to order additional

promotional copies at a wholesale rate of about $4.00 per book (plus shipping)

3. A corresponding website that you can use to promote your book, yourself, and your existing business.

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Marketing Services

A book will not sell itself. Without proper marketing, it will linger in obscurity on Amazon, and your book will remain undiscovered. But

I have learned how to successfully launch a best-selling book through a combination of website building, fan engagement, social media usage, and email marketing. Take advantage of my years of online marketing experience, which I have used to sell nearly 100,000 books, to make your book rocket to the top of sales charges.

Choose from one or more of these marketing packages below.

Amazon Visibility Program

Email Marketing Campaign

Author Online Branding Package

Author Website Setup